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Introducing Larry Towers

I know how it feels to pay a lot of money for a new car that can't be relied on and might even be dangerous.

In 1983, my wife and I bought a 1984 Pontiac Fiero. Soon thereafter, my wife started experiencing an intermittent engine kill problem. At highway speeds, often in heavy traffic, the engine would suddenly kill, the driver was left without power to the steering and brakes, and my wife or I would have to dodge traffic and wrestle the car to the side of the road. Many mornings, my wife and I would drive to the dealer and drop off the car, get along with one car and two jobs for the days the car was in the shop, and then both go to the dealership and pick up the car. The engine would kill again and we would repeat the process. In December, 1983, the car was at GM for almost a month. Finally, they fixed it. About six years later, when my wife was driving up from Florida, the engine caught fire and she was stranded for a week with our dog in a cheap motel in Georgia while GM replaced the whole engine. A few weeks later, the car and we were put out of our misery when another car ran a red light, crashed into me, and totaled the Fiero. So I know first hand how it feels to pay for a new car and not get reliability. I've been there.

I know how it feels to have a legal problem and fear high attorney's fees.

When you retain me to review your case, you pay nothing. When you hire me to represent you in a Lemon Law claim, you pay nothing. In most cases, you pay nothing when we resolve your claim. In almost all cases, you receive your choice of a brand new, comparably equipped vehicle or all your money back (including finance interest and collateral costs less the statutory mileage offset that usually totals only a few hundred dollars) and I am paid by the manufacturer and you pay me nothing. In these typical cases, my fee does not cost you anything and is in addition to your remedy. In every case, before you hire me, I present you with a written retention agreement, designed to be understood by a nonlawyer like you, that explains our respective obligations to each other. You know exactly if/when you could be responsible to pay me anything.

I know how it feels to take on a huge company with vast expertise and almost unlimited money.

When I took my first Lemon Law cases in 1986, I was a lawyer for all of five years and had little money and no experts to take on the motor vehicle manufactures. I believe I was the first Wisconsin lawyer to take Lemon Law cases in quantity. Now -- after having won every trial but two in the last 25+ years, and after having settled more than 1500 cases -- I have been told by many manufacturers representatives and their attorney's that they respect my skills, my judgment, and my cases.

I know how it feels to face years of litigation.

Lawsuits can take years to resolve. I believe that no real person, with a real life, belongs in the court system if it can be avoided. Most of my Lemon Law cases are resolved within 6-10 weeks after I start my work. I generally do not file a lawsuit unless the manufacturer will not agree to replace or repurchase the vehicle (and pay my fee). While every case is different, and some take longer, good cases get resolved quickly if the court system is avoided.

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